2013 National Agenda Survey Results

After the Newtown shooting, President Obama has focused on advancing new gun control legislation through the Congress. In general terms, do you support new gun control regulations?

131 Yes

42 Undecided

1601 No


Yesterday, Republicans in the House voted on a short term extension of the debt ceiling limit. Do you support this extension?

457 Yes

205 Undecided

1112 No


Do you support defunding Planned Parenthood?

1413 Yes

102 Undecided

259 No


President Obama has two high profile Cabinet picks up for Senate approval: Defense and State. Each of these Senators has said questionable things about confronting Iran over its nuclear ambitions. Should Senate Republicans move to block these picks for this reason?

1323 Yes

254 Undecided

197 No


President Obama mentioned climate change in his Inaugural address on Monday. Do you support legislation that expands the power of the EPA and limits the emission of greenhouse gases?

143 Yes

94 Undecided

1537 No


This summer fuel prices will rise as demand for energy increases. Do you favor the relaxation of drilling regulations here in the US in order to encourage increased domestic production?

1603 Yes

44 Undecided

47 No


Do you support Congressional Republicans focusing on the repeal of specific provisions of Obamacare instead of a broad repeal of the legislation which failed during the last Congress?

1230 Yes

172 Undecided

372 No

The President has promised to make immigration a key issue during this Congress. Are you 100% behind the Republican efforts in Congress to stop amnesty?

1451 Yes

144 Undecided

179 No


If Republicans were forced to build their agenda around one issue, which issue would you want us to choose?

83 Taxes

916 Spending

163 Obamacare

94 National Security

18 Marriage

294 Jobs

56 Immigration

21 Energy

104 Abortion