Last week the Labor Department issued the June jobs report. Unfortunately, it looked a lot like the reports for April and May. The unemployment rate remains at 8.2%. 12.7 million Americans remain out of work, with another

8.2 million underemployed. Especially troubling are the high unemployment rates among minorities and young people; teenagers are experiencing an unemployment rate of 23.7%.

Even more troubling, our businesses were able to add only 80,000 new jobs - experts say we need between 150,000 to 200,000 new jobs a month just to stay even. It's pretty clear that our economy is not improving, and that a recession is looming if we don't make a drastic course correction.

I believe that it's time to change up the playbook. It is definitely time for President Obama to work with Congress and not against us.

Let's create jobs by empowering small business. Let's take the uncertainty out of our future with tax and regulatory reform and new domestic drilling.

And let's stop the wasteful spending and do something about our monstrous national debt, an anchor holding back our economy.

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