Due to years of extreme neglect by the federal government, our nation has an immigration crisis. Laws are being neglected, and our cash-strapped local and state governments are struggling to find the resources necessary to absorb the influx of millions of undocumented immigrants.

Because of our porous borders, Southwestern states face increasing levels of border-related violence, and the federal government seems unable or simply unwilling to act, forcing states like Arizona to take action.

Arizona passed it’s own immigration law because the federal government refuses to enforce the current law. John supports Arizona and will continue to do until the federal government takes action.

“Real immigration reform starts with securing the borders. We must stop allowing individuals to enter the country illegally without recourse and hold those who break the law accountable.” – John Boozman

 As a Member of the House Immigration Reform Caucus and one of Numbers USA Top Ten Republicans in Congress, John has consistently led the fight for strong, sensible immigration reform. He believes reform starts by securing the borders and has fought for the resources, surveillance technology and manpower required to protect them.

John supports a foolproof employee verification system and believes local law enforcement must be given the authority and resources needed to carry out and enforce the law.

“Amnesty is not an option, we will not reward people for breaking the law.” – John Boozman

John strongly opposes any form of amnesty. John has consistently voted against amnesty because it rewards individuals that have broken the law. He has and will continue to be a steadfast advocate for English as our official language, because it is the tie that binds our nation.

“We are a nation of immigrants and must remain welcoming to those who come to achieve the American Dream. However, it is vital that we enforce the law and ensure the safety and security of our nation.” – John Boozman