National Security - Our #1 Priority

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Mr. President - The number one responsibility of the federal goverment is to protect our nation.  I demand that you make our national security a top priority again!

Security a Priority

Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette

By Mike Masterson

Security a priority

Senator John Boozman fired off an email last week saying President Barack Obama's "disconnect with this real threat of ISIS is alarming."

When I hear a U.S. senator with all forms of insider information at his fingertips expressing concerns about an alarming threat, I listen. It seemed out of his nature for the ordinarily soft-spoken senator to so openly chastise the president to the point of asking people to sign a petition.

"Attacks by ISIS-affiliated terrorists, including the horrific attacks we've seen carried out recently ... are cause for grave concern by all Americans," Boozman wrote. "Arkansans have a right to ask what the federal government is doing to keep us safe. What plan does our commander-in-chief have to protect Americans at home and defeat ISIS abroad?

"I've been working to get the details of the administration's plan and what I'm hearing leads me to believe that the president is not taking the threat posed by these terrorists as serious as the rest of us. For example, in the latest edition of The Atlantic magazine, President Obama is quoted as saying 'ISIS is not an existential threat to the United States,' but 'climate change is.' ...

"In what I hope will be a wake-up call to President Obama, Hillary Clinton and liberal Democrat leaders who hold the same misguided belief about ISIS, I am gathering signatures from concerned Arkansans and others across America. Our message is clear: 'Mr. President, the number one responsibility of the federal government is to protect our nation. I demand that you make our national security a top priority again!"

Coincidentally, Boozman's appeal for signatures arrived as I was reading a blurb from The Daily Signal dated April 27 which said the number of discovered Islamic terror plots in the U.S. had risen to 84. I did something I rarely if ever do, only because I believe the senator's concerns are serious and motives genuine. I signed his petition.

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