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  • Aug, 28 2016
    Newspaper headlines across the country reflect the rapid spread of the Zika virus in the United States. Arkansans and all Americans are understandably worried about Zika, the danger that it poses to our health and our ability to combat this virus. Read More
  • Aug, 26 2016
    “Our veterans are entitled to the very best,” Sen. Boozman told the crowd of over 100 people who attended the ceremony. “This is so, so, very important: We’re not talking about benefits that are a handout; these are earned benefits, you earned it by your service and you’re due.” Read More
  • Aug, 22 2016
    From school mascots to annual festivals and parades, it is evident that forestry is woven into the fabric of Arkansas. The caravan of log trucks making their way to the mill is a sight that is regularly seen by Arkansans. Read More