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  • Jul, 26 2016
    For a vast majority of Muslims, the month-long observation of Ramadan is marked by fasting, charity and nightly prayer. This year, the Islamic State (ISIS) turned it into a month of horror. Close to 350 people were killed in terror attacks in eight different countries during Ramadan. Most of these attacks have been, at the very least, linked to ISIS. Read More
  • Jul, 22 2016
    I recently received a letter from an Arkansas mother who described the heartache she is experiencing because addiction is tearing apart her family. With two sons struggling with addiction, she has little resources to get them the help they need to fight their dependence. Read More
  • Jul, 13 2016
    Last summer, Kate Steinle was walking with her father on a San Francisco pier when she was fatally shot by an illegal immigrant. Her murderer was a convicted felon and should have been behind bars. Read More