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  • Oct, 17 2016
    Arkansas' voters can't do much about what will happen to Senate seats in Florida, Illinois, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. But they can do a small part on Nov. 8 to save the Senate from becoming a rubber-stamp operation: Re-elect John Boozman. Read More
  • Oct, 16 2016
    Communities throughout Arkansas and across the country are filled with unsung heroes. High at the top of that list would be the first responders and public safety community, the men and women who show up to help in times of crisis and serve their families, friends and neighbors at a moment’s notice. Read More
  • Oct, 14 2016
    U.S. Senators John Boozman and Tom Cotton, plus House of Representatives members Rick Crawford, Steve Womack, French Hill, and Bruce Westerman each demonstrated support for agriculture and exceeded the required voting threshold on issues of importance, according to Randy Veach, president of the Arkansas Farm Bureau. Read More