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John Boozman, a successful small businessman and fifth-generation Arkansan, has represented Arkansas in the United States Senate since 2011. His record of supporting and fighting for the values that Arkansans hold dear is why he’ll continue to serve the people of the Natural State in his third term as a United States Senator.

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Inflation is at a 40-year high, our supply chain is in total disrepair, and the labor market is tight.

On Joe Biden’s first day as president, he shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline, signaling to Americans that radical policies and liberal priorities are most important. It’s no surprise that decisions like these have resulted in higher fuel prices ever since.

Rather than focusing on solutions to these problems, the Biden administration has pushed reckless taxing-and-spending that stifles economic recovery and driven inflation to historic heights.

Arkansans are feeling the pain. The Democrats and their Green New Deal agenda have forced us to stretch our budgets even further. Unfortunately, the administration’s blame game approach to these crises has nearly driven job creators to their breaking points. I will continue advocating for policies that encourage investment, job growth, and expansion so we can provide business owners the predictability and certainty they need moving forward.

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Americans are facing choices about whether to fill up their tanks or feed their families. In light of this reality, it makes no sense to take any source of relief off the table. Rarely do we find the solutions to our problems are staring us in the face, which is very much the case here. Our country thrives when we are energy independent, and that’s why we need to utilize all the resources we have here at home. The United States has the strictest environmental regulations in the world, and it is unthinkable to rely on outside countries with lesser standards for energy we already have at our fingertips.

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Veterans earned the benefits they were promised, and that’s why I believe Republicans and Democrats must work together to keep our word to them. As the son of an Air Force Master Sergeant, I learned about the sacrifices our men and women in uniform make at an early age. That sacrifice for our country is why I’ll always advocate for policies that enhance the quality of life for both our veterans and their families. As a senior member of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, I’ve been fortunate to write and work on laws that have improved service within the VA medical system, reformed veteran suicide prevention efforts, and helped veterans find well-paying jobs when they return to civilian life. I have always and will continue to make my team available to assist the thousands of Arkansas veterans with problems they face getting their benefits.

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Agriculture is our state’s leading industry that accounts for nearly one-quarter of Arkansas’s economic activity. Arkansas’s family farmers, ranchers, and private forest landowners have counted on me to ensure the federal government provides the resources and economic certainty they need to survive. That’s why I was awarded the Golden Plow Award by the American Farm Bureau, the highest honor the organization gives to sitting members of Congress.

In recent years, Arkansas farmers and ranchers have weathered a pandemic; record high inflation; record high fertilizer and input prices; labor shortages; historic flooding; and supply chain bottlenecks. We need to focus on policies that create a stable path forward in these unprecedented times. As the top Republican on the Senate Agriculture Committee, I am committed to ensuring the needs of Arkansas producers and rural communities will be front and center as we write the next Farm Bill.

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The Biden administration’s open-border policies have encouraged individuals to break our laws and emboldened dangerous drug cartels. Rolling back Trump-era policies that prevented illegal border crossings has left Americans less safe. No immigration reform will be effective until our border is secure, and that starts by enforcing the law, finishing the wall, and holding employers accountable.

DEFENDING our Second Amendment Rights
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The ability of decent, hard-working Americans to own a gun and protect their families is enshrined in the Constitution and must never be compromised. As a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, I have worked hard to defend the right to bear arms for the people of Arkansas. I’ve fought against policies and nominees that threaten to erode it and supported legislation to protect it

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We must restore confidence in our elections, and that’s why I’m proud to have held the line against the Democrats’ efforts to nationalize our elections. Arkansans can best decide how to run our elections, including how to ensure they are free and fair.

As your Senator, I have always stood up for voter ID laws and the security of our election system. It is my priority to continue working every day to pass common sense election integrity laws to ensure that every eligible Arkansan can vote and trust that vote will be counted.

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Protecting the sanctity of life is one of the most important things we can do. For nearly 50 years, the United States had been among a handful of nations – including Communist China and North Korea – that legalized abortions beyond the point when babies can feel pain. I’m grateful the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, returning the decision to the people and legislators.

We have an obligation to promote policies that recognize the value and dignity of every human life. That is why I have voted to prohibit taxpayer funding of abortion and to defund Planned Parenthood – the largest abortion provider in America.

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In August 2021, we were sickened as we watched the tragic result of the Biden administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan unfold. The debacle cost the lives of 13 U.S. service members and handed control of the country back to the Taliban.

It’s just one of this administration’s many missteps on the global stage. The president failed to hold China accountable on the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, its authoritarian crackdown on Hong Kong, and genocide against the Uyghurs. His administration sent mixed messages to Russia, which emboldened the invasion of Ukraine. As for Iran, the president has begged to restore the flawed nuclear agreement, which would leave the Middle East capable of producing a nuclear bomb.

The administration’s mismanagement of our international policy can be expected to get worse, and I will continue to fight alongside my GOP colleagues to address the real problems and answer for the foreign policy failures threatening our country.

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